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The Microsoft SharePoint platform (part of MS Office 365)

Microsoft Office 365 has a variety of game-changing applications that will help your business efficiency, but there is one that goes beyond the rest, Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is an effective collaboration platform for businesses around the world. SharePoint is a platform where your organisation can collaborate, access, store, and organise data from any device, anywhere around the world.

SharePoint is a platform, not a product. That means you can build all sorts of things on top of it. Some functionality is built into the basic form of the platform, but the most successful SharePoint solutions have a lot of custom development behind them. SharePoint works for all sorts of tasks, but document management is its greatest strength. A few features are below;

  • Check out documents, see who’s worked on them, and track changes across collaborators
  • Search vast document libraries to find what you’re looking for
  • Manage document security and permissions
  • Enter and manage document metadata
  • Version history
  • Alerts
  • Offline syncing
  • Co-authoring
 In the modern workplace, the cloud is central to business productivity. However, there are many organisations that still rely on on-premises technology. Although more and more businesses are using SharePoint Online in Office 365, SharePoint on-premises still has a big role to play. At Tagstra, our team are experienced in both cloud and on-premise SharePoint Solutions.  Tagstra offers  SharePoint consulting services for each and every phase and milestone required for an effective implementation to meet any business or technical requirement.  We design, build and implement complete solutions such as Custom SharePoint Solutions, Custom Intranets, Document Management Systems, and much more. Whether you have a new SharePoint implementation, are looking to improve your current implementation or want to migrate to SharePoint online, our SharePoint Development services can assist.  

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