SharePoint Onboarding Solution

Automate the onboarding and offboarding process for employees

New Employee Onboarding Solution - Microsoft SharePoint

Onboarding can be challenging, as multiple departments have to coordinate activities — HR, Payroll, IT, Facilities. The complex processes of onboarding, job role changes, and offboarding all need to be coordinated. As organisations grow, onboarding becomes increasingly difficult to manage.

To help you improve your new hire onboarding experience, we can help you with a new set of SharePoint site templates. We can help you with: 

New employee onboarding involves creating an end-to-end experience for new employees that begins before their first day on the job. New employee onboarding also involves providing support on multiple levels within an organization, like corporate and departmental onboarding. Each onboarding level provides its own unique value, contributing to a comprehensive onboarding experience that each new employee will benefit from. To deliver a consistent and integrated new hire onboarding experience the solution consists of three types of SharePoint site templates, designed to work as one cohesive and familiar experience for new hires.

SharePoint employee onboarding

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